Frequently Asked Questions

What is TalkChief?

TalkChief is a Business Phone Communication Platform that provides you with all needed tools needed to manage and improve your day to day operations, powered by amazing reports and dashboards.

TalkChief platform acts as a one-stop shop, in which you can create your call routes, inbound and outbound, add members and teams, queues, set up you own IVR, and buy caller DID's.

Do we support automatic dialer? Sms or trunk services?

No, TalkChief is a Business Phone Platform, and for time being, we don't support Automatic Dialer, SMS and Trunk services.

For which countries do we provide caller ID’s?

We provide caller DID's for all countries in the world. Please note that some countries have special restrictions/regulations upon providing a caller DID, which my entitle providing some documents like company registration.

You can easily purchase DID's using TalkChief platform. If you try to buy a number, but doesn't show up in the search results, this is related to what we mentioned above, the country regulations. If you experience this , please feel free to reach TalkChief Support.

Does the monthly subscription include minutes/calls cost?

No, monthly subscription only covers the users subscription plan with all related features. The reason is that minutes/calls and DID's cost is a flexible cost that changes from one month to another based on consumption.

For minutes/calls and DID's cost, you need to top up your account ahead.

Do we provide unlimited plans?

For the time being, we do not provide unlimited plans.

We do provide competitive prices/minutes for all countries, you can get more information about our pricing by visiting this page.

What are our payment methods?

Our payment methods are paying using a credit card, or money transfer.

Please note that money transfer method applies only as a pre-service payment.

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Updated 15 Apr 2022
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