Live Calls

This is the dashboard where you can see all your incoming and outgoing calls in live.

Live Calls dashboard helps you analyze, track, and report on the organization's incoming/outgoing calls in real time with the help of interactive supervision tools- Spy, Whisper and Barge. This live dashboard is automatically updated and provides the admin/supervisor with instant access to critical data and insights.

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The dahsboard contains the following columns: member name, call from, call to, direction, duration and Supervisor actions.

Supervisor Actions:

  • Listen: Supervisor can listen to a live call while neither agent nor the customer can know.
  • Coach: Supervisor can engage with agent only.
  • Join: Engage with both agent and customer.


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  • Auto-Answer: If enabled, any incoming call will be auto answered by next available connected agent.
  • Perform using: You can use any of the Supervisor actions using WebPhone or normal phone (Hardphone or Softphone)

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Updated 11 Jun 2022
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