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You always need to be on top of your daily processes. Deskwaves wants to make sure this action is easy, visible and flexible. Thus we enabled the feature to visually build your own call flow with simple steps using. Call Flows are applicable for incoming and outgoing calls.

Incoming Calls Flow

  • Lets say you want to design an incoming call flow for your main organisation number, that when a client calls, first thing he will hear is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), after a certain timeout, he/she will be asked to chose between: Press 1 for Customer Success West Cost team, Press 2 for Operations, and 3 to get him/her directly to one of your agents, lets say Hester Stone is the agent.
  • Under the default "Incoming Call" option, you will see the plus sign to add the next call flow option, once you click on the plus sign, you will get the following options:
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  1. Add Time Condition. For more information, check the Time Condition wiki
  2. Add Team
  3. Add Member
  4. Add Queue: For more information, check the Queue wiki
  5. Add Media. For more information, check the Media wiki
  6. Add Call Forward: For more information, check the Call Forward wiki
  7. Add Voice Mail: For more information, check the Voice Mail wiki
  8. Add IVR: For more information, check the IVR wiki.
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  • Chose the "Add Media" option, it will show your media files, assuming we already have one called "IVR main", chose to be added.
  • It will expand to show you the main options, like timeout (recommended to keep empty), then "Press 1", were you need to assign where the call will lead when a client presses one, in our example we said its going to be "Customer Success Coast", then do the same for "Press 2" and "Press 3".
  • Finally click on "End" to finish building your Call Flow.
  • For more information, please refer the images below.

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PS: You can always edit/change/delete the IVR options, please see the image below:

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Outgoing Calls Flow

Under this section you build your members outbound call flows by chosing the Caller ID, Default option will make the member go out with the Team default number, or Custom, which will enable you to change the number.

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Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io.

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