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TalkChief Platform is the first view you see when you access your account, the menu will appear to the left side as shown below:

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The first thing you would always do every morning is to prepare a cup of coffee, check your emails, calendar, and TalkChief Dashboard. This is the section that gives you high level overview about your account, it shows your current balance , active numbers, and the ability to download Softphone Apps . Please check out the Dashboard wiki page so you can get more information.


You can manage all numbers assigned to your account, with the possibility to buy additional numbers. Visit the Numbers wiki page to get more information.

Teams & Members

Part of our philosophy is applying sales and customer experience best practises, this is where the importance of building your teams and assigning members in the best way comes.

Here you can see all details related to your teams and members, where you can see each team, its members, and basic information, assigned numbers, in addition you can see all actions related to manage your members. For more information, please visit Teams & Members wiki page.


In order to help you make the best effective data driven decisions, we made sure to consider the most needed metrics based on long hours of research and experience. In this section you can see all important reports and analytics that can help you make better decisions, optimise your team, and work more efficiently. Please visit Insights wiki page.

Call Flow

What if one of your VIP clients approached your Support Line while all agents were busy providing support? What if you can build a workflow that if the Support queue was busy to get the call forwarded to the Level 2 queue? Or to the mobile phone of the Head of Support.

Again, our philosophy is all about providing you with the best tools to practise best practises on your daily operations. For more details visit the Call Flow wiki


In this section you can view all queues and settings. For more details visit the Queues wiki.


Under this section you will view all your incoming voicemails where you can listen and perform other actions.


In this section you can manage your integrations and settings. For more details visit the Integrations wiki.

Help Center

We are here to help you! Currently we are inviting you to visit our Wiki Page.

Coming soon:

Webinars and Video Tutorials!

Interested to join our first Webinar? please send us an email at support@talkchief.io


This is the General Settings section which includes:

Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io.

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Updated 04 Jun 2022
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