This is the main dashboard where you can see and manage all your Queues. You have the ability to sort the queues view by service level, alphabetical, customer waiting, calls handled, and calls abandoned.

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You will see a widget for each Queue , shwowing you the queue name, the SLA score, customer waiting on the queue unassigned, calls abandoned, calls handled, average handle time per call, and average waiting time for customers.

These metrics were chosen carefully considering the most important parameters that any admin will need to evaluate his team performance.

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Queue settings:

For each queue, you have three options:

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  • Edit Queue: This is where you can edit your queue settings:
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  • Manage Agents: This is where you can add/remove agents to the queue:
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  • Delete Queue: This is where you can delete the queue.

Creating a new Queue

On the right side, click ""Create Queue". A new popup window will open, where you need to add needed information for your new Queue.

  • Queue name.
  • Record calls: Enable if you want to record calls handled by this queue.
  • Queue timeout: Maximum waiting time a caller can wait in the queue.
  • Queue SLA threshold: Queue SLA can be considered as your internal queue KPI. Setting it for example for 60 seconds, means that you target will be that callers should not wait more than 60 seconds without being transferred to an agent.
  • Ignore Short abandoned calls: Enable this if you want to ignore short abandoned calls from statistics.
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  • Media: Welcome/greeting message you want your callers to hear when they enter the queue.
  • Enter queue whehn empty: This enables the caller to be able to enter the queue even if no agent is available at this moment.
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  • Ring Strategy: How would you route/dispatch your calls that enter the queue? we provide two options, Round Robin (in order), or Most Idle (agent with longest time being idle/didnt receive a call)
  • Agents: This is where you add/remove agents.
  • Allow agents to login/logout: if enabled, agents will have the possibility to log in/log out of their queues. In case its not enabled, on the next log in to the system, the agent will be automatically logged in to the queue. This is a good option if you want to prevent your agents from logging out any of their queues.
  • Agent wrap up time: This is the time you give your agents between the call just finished and the next call transferred.
  • Reach each agent for: The time the transferred call will be ringing before being answered or trasnferred to the next agent.

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  • Finally: Just press on create queue, and you are done!

Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io.

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Updated 11 Jun 2022
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