What is a "Call Forward" setting?

How many times you had to lose important leads or not being to close an important lead due to the fact that your Sales team was busy in calls, or due to holidays?

Following Deskwaves vision to provide business continuity for its clients, we enabled the "Call Foward" option, where you can add to your call-flow an additional layer of business efficiency and continuity, to enable forwarding a call to a special mobile number, emergency line, landline or even a third party contractor in case the normal queues were busy.

In addition, you can always view through our Reports the numbers that were forwarded through the "Follow Me" option, in case you are outsourcing to a third party for example, enabling you to evaluate their work, and help you in billing.

Please note that for calls forwarded under the "Follow Me" settings, recordings cant be available due to the fact that these calls take place outside our system.

Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io.

TalkChief Team