On the left main menu , you can chose the Teams and Members section.

Teams will be viewed in boxes, each box will show the team name, manager name, number of members which you can view when you hover over it, and numbers that are assigned for each team. Each team has a different colour.

In addition, you can search for a specific team using the search bar, and add a new team.

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Team Actions 

Pressing on the three dots on the top right of the team box, will open the actions menu, you can manage your team, change team color, and delete team.

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Manage Team

Under each team you can see the members tab, numbers, outbound and settings.

You can edit the team name pressing on the "pencil" symbol next to the team name on the top.

  • Members: A view of all team members showing extension numbers, you can also view member settings when pressing the three dots on the top right of the team member box, were you can remove /assign supervisor role, or assign the team member to another team.

You can see that members are grouped to two parts, upper part as Supervisors, and lower part as normal members.

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  • Numbers: You can view all numbers assigned to this team, status, number alias, and number type. Please note that you can also see if another team uses the same number as well. You can always set the number as default or remove it from the team. A default number is the number that all outgoing calls made by this team will go out with. You can assign a new number for the team, and search for any specific number.
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  • Outbound : Caller ID can be assigned on two levels:

Team Level: You can either assign a number as Default, which means that all calls made by the team will go out with the default number, and any new team member assigned to this team, will use the default number for ongoing calls.

On the other hand, the other option is to assign a random number, which means that for each call made by this team, a random number will be chosen from specific pool of numbers.

Member Level: You can view the member name, Caller ID type, and Caller ID. If you chose to assign a custom number, this enables the possibility to chose the customised caller ID. Please note that you can always reset the caller ID , the default number will be assigned to all members.

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  • Settings: This is where you can manage all team settings, including the extension, time zone, working hours and days (time condition on a team level), and the ability to delete the team.
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Change Team Color

You can change the color assigned to the team:

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Delete Team

When deleting a team, you will be promped by a confirmation pop up, please note that you need to transfer the team members to a new team. You will also be asked to type the full name of the team to avoid any deletion by mistake.

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Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io.

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Updated 04 Jun 2022
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