On-boarding process: let's make calls!


After finishing with registering your company/organisation, next step would be to start the on-boarding process.

Our philosophy drives towards making the onboarding process as easy as possible, you dont need to be a VOIP expert or have any Tech Savvy to complete the onboarding. This process shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes, then you will be ready to make calls!

First things first!

You need first to go to our Login Page, using your email and password set during the registration process.

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Company Information

You need to fill your company information. Please note that all fields are mandatory.

On the right side, you can see the windows that shows the status of your on-boarding process, from the screenshot below, you can see that the DID (phone number) has not been assigned yet. You can only see the company/organisation name and address you chose during the registration process.

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Your First Number

Next, you will be asked to chose the country and city for your first number.

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PS: Please note that due to different countries regulations, some numbers might not show, if you face this issue, please contact our Support team at support@talkchief.io .

Your First Team

Finally, you will be asked which team will be using this number, by default, the first team is called "My First Team". You can create more teams later on, and assign numbers to them as well, please check our article about numbers. Please note that the "Start making calls" button is still grayed out as you still need to buy your first number in the next onboarding step.

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Please note the window on the right side should show you the status as "Success", with your new number assigned. This means that you are ready to go to the next step.

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Please note that the "Start making calls" button has turned to blue, click on it and start using TalkChief platform.

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Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io

TalkChief Team

Updated 30 May 2022
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