High Risk Numbers

Almost every person has one of the famous spam detector apps installed on his/her cellphone, like Truecaller, Hiya and Numler.

Have you ever wondered how many calls you rejected or didn't answer due to the message the spam detector app shows you?

So what happens?

Due to the high number of fraud businesses, these spam detector apps allow users to report a number as spam, with the possibility to name it as well. When a certain amount of people report a specific number as spam, majority of recipients will start rejecting the calls or not answer even, and eventually it gets blocked.

High Risk Numbers

A High Risk Number is a number that is approaching a very close point to become a Spam number.

Deskwaves will ensure your business continuity through our NSP (Number Spam Protection) algorithm.

Our algorithm will be checking the status of your numbers on a daily basis, and based on specific thresholds, it will inform you once the number becomes on High Risk status.

Once you receive this notification, you need to replace your number with immediate effect. Numbers with high spam score could be recognized as below:

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TalkChief Team

Updated 11 Jun 2022
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