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You always need a high level overview, and this is were the Dashboard helps. This is the section that gives you an overview about your account, it shows your current balance within your wallet, active numbers, the ability to invite team members, your plan status, and the ability to download our application.

Money in Wallet

Your Wallet is your main balance box. Here you can see your current balance, this balance is used for calls minutes usage. Please note your monthly subscription wont be deducted from your wallet balance. In order to ensure your business continuity , we provided you with the ability to set a notification once your balance reaches a certain amount.

Billable numbers

This section shows you the current active numbers you have. It includes the numbers you bought and the default you get during your on-boarding. For more information please visit the Numbers wiki. Please note that active numbers dont include high risk and unassigned numbers.

Download Softphone App

In order to start making calls you need to download a Softphone App. When you invite team members they will be able to download the Softphone App.

For more information about TalkChief Account Configuration on Softphone App, check our wiki about Seting up your Softphone.

Have any questions? You can always contact our Support Team at support@talkchief.io

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Updated 04 Jun 2022
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